Simple Orgone generator HHG pyramid in red

We decided to make a range of orgonite that was effective and functional, but without the emphasis on specific healing stones such as in our layered generators. (we know sometimes the choice can be tough!). This range simply has the gemstones that we like to use as a base in all of our pieces, these are Selenite, Blue Kyanite, Rose Quartz and Black Tourmaline which all have attributes we feel go well together. The orgone matrix is a single pour of fine aluminium chips in colourfull tinted clear resin and embedded within is a main vertical DT Quartz with four smaller horizontal DT Quartz towards the base, arranged at right angles to each other. It’s the50/50 mix of metal and resin working with quartz points that makes good Orgonite so thats the recipe we stuck to with these! Dimensions are 95mm tall by 110mm across the base.

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