About Us

Orgone as intended…the right mix of metal to resin, multi quartz points and everything cleansed, specific gem stones to sweeten the vibe all charged to increase the potential.


We are Simon and Emma, situated on the North Cornwall coast in the UK and have been creating Orgonite to assist in planetary healing of both people and places since early 2010.

In the beginning it was curiosity that led us down this path, after stumbling into an article on orgonite it seemed simple enough to make so after a few late nights researching Wilhelm Reich, Don Croft and the Orgonite movement the obvious thing to do was to get hold of the materials and have a go….We never looked back!

It didn’t take long to notice subtle positive changes in our surroundings regardless of how sensitive we were to energy at that point. People we interacted with seemed calmer, wildlife seemed more abundant. We observed many confirmations that we were doing something right…and it felt like a good thing to do too!

Both of us feel in our hearts that the proliferation of electrical devices that produce EMF undoubtedly cause health issues and societies dependency on wireless technology increases year on year. To us it seems very poetic that something that can simply be made at home for minimal cost by the average person can have such an empowering effect – anyone can make orgonite and in turn heal and protect themselves.


The origins of modern Orgone research and development as we know it essentially started the cell tower gifting movement in the early noughties. Orgone devices were first created as a way to counteract the effects of the ‘cell towers’ which seemed to pop up everywhere at the detriment to localized orgone energy in the vicinity.

Observations show that a simple ‘palm’ sized piece of Orgonite (usually called a TB or towerbuster) will remove the harmful deadly orgone surrounding the tower within hours of being placed close by, and continues to do so indefinitely. Imagine the state of energy around the towers as ‘stale’ lifeless and essentially dead, orgonite simply reverts this state of entropy by accumulating/cleansing/amplifying and then broadcasting the orgone back out into the environment in a beneficial state that increases our vitality and can bring about a positive shift in consciousness.

Gifting our area both locally and more widespread was our main goal initially, and creating artistic orgone designs increased over that summer we found that people around us loved what we had made and were keen to have their own custom creation. Since that day we have never stopped! We now strive to use the best quality ingredients which are cleansed of any unwanted energies and charged in an intense field of orgone from powered orgone generators before, during and after pouring.

This process along with positive heart centred intentions and clear visualization of the intended purpose ensures all of our creations are of the highest energy and vibration for the greatest good of all living beings, within and without, above and below. Each idea we first imagine, then bring forth into physical reality through the alchemical process has become a stepping stone on our own spiritual journey of deep inner growth and understanding the true nature of all things – it truly feels like orgonite is an important part of our unfolding journey.

Collectively humanity is yearning for positive change. We each desire freedom and a space to grow as individuals able to contribute to a new paradigm of peace, love unity and abundance. We firmly believe Orgone use, research and development has an important role to play in the unfolding of our future peaceful co-created world.