What is Orgonite?

orgonite_diagramIn 2000 a couple called Don & Carol Croft discovered through internet research, experimentation and empirical observation that mixing catalysed polyester resin (organic) with metal shavings (non-organic) in equal measures poured into moulds would have a similar effect as Reich’s accumulators, then Carol who had a keen sense for subtle energies intuitively decided that by adding quartz crystals to the mix the orgone energies were not just attracted, it now seemed that the DOR was successfully being transmuted to POR. The quartz crystal turning the orgone accumulator into a self powered continuously working positive orgone generator.

The ‘squeeze’ put on the crystal as the resin/metal matrix sets causes a piezoelectric effect which electrically polarizes the points of the crystal and is widely beleived to be a major contributing factor in Orgonite turning DOR to POR.
When an Orgonite device is placed within range of a source of negative energy/DOR it begins to transmute and efficiently transform it into a positive energy transmitter (be it a phone tower or a polluted lake). As you can imagine in today‚Äôs modern world we pretty much live in an electromagnetic soup of harmful frequencies, mobile phone masts bounce signals back and forth to your ‘smart phone’, wifi routers, cordless house phones, baby monitors, smart meters…the list increases by the day. DOR seems to be created whenever electromagnetic frequencies are pulsed through our atmosphere, making the air ‘stale’ and entropy increases within all living systems.

We personally think it quite fitting that the solution to these health destroying problems is so simple that you or i can be empowered to create and gift orgonite in your own area.