Shop changes: We have now moved over to Etsy and have a fully stocked shop

Our shop has moved 🙂 follow this link to our fully stocked etsy shop:

We decided that the time was right to set up an Etsy shop, something we looked at years ago when Etsy was in it’s infancy but at the time we decided to set up this our own website and sell from there.

Things change…that’s life…embrace it!  So last year we set up a shop in Etsy and we haven’t looked back… Much easier to use both for us and customers and the feedback function (something we don’t have here) is something we have wanted for a while, it just gives that peace of mind for you our customers that we offer the best service we can and treat every order with love and care.

Exciting times 🙂




Head on over and check us out!

Simon & Emma x