Hello world!

We are Emma and Simon and we love to create, experiment and gift orgonite, for the last few years we have been offering our creations for sale through our website Orgonesolutions.co.uk.

Things have been ok but the website was clunky and not a very smoooth customer experience. At times we’ve had glitches with postage and stock levels which has been a pain to say the least!

It’s situations like these that offer a choice to develop, grow and learn from that which life puts in front of you. So with that in mind…welcome to our new site! orgonesolutions.com 🙂 We have taken what worked with our old site and hopefully made it that little bit easier for those who love our creations to buy their chosen piece.

The shop is being configured as we speak with products being added and all the other ‘background’ stuff, hopefully we will be up and running soon!

Having a blog was something we both wished we had in the past and here we are!  Stay tuned for gifting reports, new creations, how to’s and articles that will (hopefully) enlighten, fascinate and at times make you laugh…after all we must not take life too seriously…as the late Bill Hicks once said…its only a ride!