Getting started making Orgonite

When we first got into Orgonite making it was quite a task getting hold of the right materials.

Finding out the best places to source all of the required items takes time and can be quite a task initially! With that in mind we decided to put together some resources that may help others find what they need to start creating 🙂

The details below should be of use regardless of where you are in the world but a few of the links for things such as resin are UK specific.

Orgonite needs only three things to work……. metal shavings, polyester resin and a Quartz Crystal…….simple!



All metals have differing metaphysical attributes, some such as Gold or Copper are widely accepted as beneficial throughout history (they both have a soothing vibe).

Also differing sizes of metals can greatly affect the feel of the orgonite when cured – as a rule smaller more dense metals create a stronger orgone field but do not broadcast that field as far as larger less dense metals, (always stick to the 50/50 resin/metal mix as best you can).

Metals need to be clean and free from oil or lubricants from any engineering processes they have been used in.

  • Aluminium chips – (top quality, clean and graded)
  • Titanium shavings – again
  • Brass ‘turnings’ – from any local key cutting shop
  • Copper chips or granules – ebay metallurgical section.
  • 24k gold leaf (genuine if advertised as ‘edible) avoid others… –
  • Copper & silver metal flake – craft suppliers (check they are coloured copper not plastic!)
  • Steel/Alu/copper swarf – engineering/machine shops (local industrial estates) they can be either a goldmine or a dead end depending on their views…some are suspicious and would rather recycle as the government can penalise them if they don’t. worth a try though as you could end up with loads cheap!
  • Copper wire – 99% pure copper is best – craft suppliers again.
  • Steel ball bearings are another option (often used in BB guns and available online).
  • Iron Oxide – 99% Iron content in fine particles for dense layers.
  • Copper Oxide – 99% copper content again in fine particles for dense layers.





The resins used for orgonite are classed as being the ‘organic’ part – the metals being the ‘inorganic’ the two together create the push/pull, attract/repel, energy dynamic.

Resin mixed with metal will not set without the addition of a catalyst which comes with the resin from the supplier (usually 2-3% volume of the resin used) once added you have roughly 15-20 min before the mix begins to set. This changes depending on ambient temps (hotter weather means using less catalyst) trial and error is usually the best teacher of this!   CFS fibreglass (leading UK fibreglass/resin supplier) 3 day delivery usually.

  • General Purpose resin is good for basic orgonite as it is cheaper but has a slight tint to it and doesn’t cure clear (great for gifting orgonite). GP resin cures quicker and has more shrinkage which makes the orgonite pop out of the moulds quicker J     (we buy 5kg for around £20)


  • Clear casting resin is best for making ‘nice’ pieces as it cures optically clear. It cures slower than GP (when using the same amount of catalyst) which helps to give you time to play with layers etc. It does cost more though! (we buy 5kg for around £30)


Quartz Crystals

If you think of the metal/resin mix as that which attracts ambient energies, it is the Quartz inside that transmutes the deadly, harmfull orgone (DOR) into a natural, healthy life giving state, positive orgone (POR).

The crystalline structure of Quartz gives it some pretty amazing qualities (some of which we see in technology such as ‘quartz’ watches that run indefinitely from the peizo electric effect or the massive data storage ability of quartz which is used in supercomputers.  From a more metaphysical perspective Clear Quartz is most revered for its ability to clear negative energy and increase the power of ones intentions.

Quartz points can be purchased from many online stockists, we tend to shop around and buy in bulk where possible – ebay has some sellers from China that are cheap and you are getting it closer to source.

All quartz should be cleansed before use – we put it in water with some pink Himalayan salt overnight – any salt will do though (just not nasty table salt!).  Smudging with Sage is another way to do it.

Once cleansed the Quartz is ready to be charged with your intentions! Hold the crystal in the palm of your hand and state your intentions and what you would like to achieve with the crystal. (I’e – “please offer protection and transmutation of all harmfull energies for all living beings – within and without, above and below. Aid to strengthen the user’s connection to creation itself and all that is…”

Clear Quartz can be used in many forms to create high quality, high energy orgonite.

  • Double Terminated Quartz points are the most powerful due to having both a +/- end. Best used in pyramids or cones as they direct the energy somewhat. Usually the best value ones come from China or Tibet or Brazil but the most desirable to use in the best orgonite are Lemurian Seed Crystals (look them up!).


  • Single Terminated Quartz points these have a ‘point’ on one end and perform similarly to DT points. The main benefit is they are more widely available and cost less. They also direct the energy as with DT’s but in a less ‘focussed’ manner.


  • Quartz ‘tumble stones’ are pebble like clear quartz that are essentially quartz points that have been tumbled with sand which causes them to become smooth and rounded. We have always used tumble stones in our Towerbusters for gifting purposes due to them being cheaper and more widely available than points. As tumble stones have no point to exaggerate the polarity (+/-) they tend to radiate their energy outwards which lends itself well to gifting phone towers or ‘gridding’ an area to ensure full coverage.


  • Powdered or crushed Quartz points – powdered quartz must be added if using fine metal particles such as Iron oxide or Copper Oxide. You need to add plenty of quartz powder to allow the energy to flow through the dense layers or the energy becomes ‘sticky’ and the orgonite wont perform at its best.


Gemstones/Healing stones

Once competent and confident making more simple orgonite you can begin adding various ‘healing’ stones as their vibratory rate is specific to each stone and serves to impart that particular stones energy benefits to your creation.

Some examples are:

  • Black Tourmaline – this has a strong grounding effect not to mention a strong protective element from radioactive and harmfull energies. A good addition to all orgonite especially when using high vibration stones to ‘anchor’ the energies in the physical realm.
  • Rose Quartz – this being part of the quartz family shares the same crystalline form and it’s vibration resonates with our heart chakra – traditionally used to attract love within and without.
  • Blue Kyanite – this stone is known to align ones chakras…obviously desirable in today’s world where we seem to be locked into our lower chakras whilst our upper (more spiritual) chakras are typically blocked.
  • Selenite – known to cleanse all other healing stones and increase ones connection to their higher or inner self and connect with spirit. A high vibration stone which corresponds to the crown chakra.
  • Lapis Lazuli – a vibrant blue stone that resonates with your throat chakra and strengthens your belief and assists in speaking your truth.
  • Shungite – a black sometimes powdered mineral that is an amazing purifiying stone, traditionally used to purify and structure water to regain h2o’s healing ability. If gifting a body of water (lakes/oceans/municipal reservoirs) shungite orgonite is perfect!



Your ingredients can be poured into a variety of moulds in different shapes, sizes and materials.

WD40 should be sprayed into any mould you use prior to pouring which stops the orgonite from sticking to the mould J

  • Metal or silicone muffin trays make great Towerbusters
  • Silicon mould websites have hundreds of quirky moulds designed for chocolate, soap or candle making and are ideal for orgonite.
  • Martini glasses make great cones (and you can see what you are doing through the side as you pour.
  • Aluminium pyramid moulds – for the traditional HHG (holy hand grenade) style orgonite we buy from a guy on Ebay who makes them specially.
  • Ice cube trays are ideal for small items such as phone protector buttons.



Here’s a list of bits & bobs you will need along the journey – experience has taught us what helps and what doesn’t.

  • A flat worksurface – otherwise your creations will set wonky!
  • A peacefull environment – your intentions are imparted into whatever you make so makes sure you are calm, relaxed and happy!
  • Newspaper and disposable gloves help you work tidy.
  • A respiratory mask if working indoors is a must as the fumes given off by curing resin is harmfull if inhaled.
  • Wooden bbq skewers make good ‘pokers’ to ensure you have no air pockets before the resin sets fully.
  • Plastic jugs of various sizes to allow you to pour resin in the correct quantities.
  • Colouring for the resin – you can get opaque resin tint from CFS along with your resin. Another popular choice is ‘pearl-ex pigment’ which can be found online.


Common mistakes & Disinformation in the Orgonite world

  • Quartz points must be wrapped in a copper coil or else it isn’t correct” – not true… the energetics of a copper coil if not wound perfectly can affect your pieces, best not to add them unless you are confident – it isn’t necessary.
  • you don’t need quartz at all”….again not true… leaving the crystal out means you have made an orgone accumulator not orgonite – this will attract the energies but not cleanse them.
  • you don’t need much metal – the gemstones do the work” – you see hundreds of aesthetically pleasing creations that lack metal – if it isn’t near 50/50 mix of metal & resin it isn’t correctly performing orgonite… it’s just gems cast in resin!!
  • “Orgonite attracts negative entities”…again not true, this is new age bull***t that serves the agenda of disempowering curious people from making their own. The fact is that the high vibrations of orgonite actually repel negative entities! They reside in a low vibrational state which Orgonite transmutes!

We hope that the information above is of help to those that are starting out in the orgonite world, It’s good to share knowledge and impart wisdom wherever possible – our hope is that others can avoid the pitfalls along the way and start creating effective orgonite right away!


Simon & Emma.