The many benefits of Orgone

The many benefits and applications of Orgone energy devices


On the journey of working with and creating Orgone energy devices, ourselves and many others worldwide have observed, documented and reported a multitude of beneficial effects. We felt it was time to note them down in one place for reference.


For those still on the fence and unsure, or those who are attracted to orgone energy feel free to read on:


  • Protects our energy field from all forms of EMF radiation

Numerous tests have been carried out to show how orgone devices help in this regard. Kirlian photography shows a strengthening of a person’s aura which prevents the negative energies from entering our energy field.


  • Turns mobile phone towers into positive energy transmitters

Time and time again the ‘gifting movement’ has shown how closely placed towerbusters ‘flip’ the towers energy output from a harmful negative state to a positively abundant state perpetually.


  • It can effect change in the weather locally

The wealth of empirical observation from those that have made orgone ‘cloudbusters’ shows a direct confirmation that the state of our skies changes from a chemtrail laden milky white to a deep blue as the manipulated matter is transmuted by the device that commonly have a range of several km’s.


  • Enhances the mood of the wearer or anyone within the field of effect

Time and time again we hear from customers, friends and family that a noticeable improvement of mood is a confirmation of a benefit of orgone devices. Many a time we have observed total strangers strike up conversations and feel compelled to interact with us.

(Can their subconscious sense the soothing orgone field?)


  • Psychic and etheric protection

Psychics, healers and energy workers who utilize subtle energies confirm that negative etheric influences are in most cases repelled by positive orgone energy.

Poltergeist and spirit activity diminish when orgone devices are present.


  • Improved sleep and clearer and more vivid dreams

Repeatedly observations are made that sleep patterns become more regular and a perceived sense of deep restfulness comes from sleeping in an orgone rich environment. Dreams become more vivid and in a lot of cases the waking recollection of dreams is increased.


  • Works as a tool to aid spiritual growth

At the very least being aware of orgone energy and it’s subtle properties makes one aware of a greater nature to life. New avenues become available to explore that assists the unfolding of a person’s spiritual development.


  • Promotes abundant plant growth

Growth tests using a control time and time again show that at a fundamental level plants grow more vigorously, fruits and vegetables have a larger yield, taste better, keep longer and have a greater level of life force energy when dowsed (Bovis scale).


  • Use as a meditation aid

Deeper states of relaxation and clarity of mind in the close proximity of orgone devices makes them an ideal aid to mediation. Something that many mediation groups have noticed over the years. On a personal level when time can be limited, being able to have a short but deeper period of meditation assisted by positive orgone is a benefit in today’s world when time can be limited.


  • Structures and purifies water

Placing a glass of tap water on or close to an orgone device has noticeable effects on the taste…many say “it just tastes better”. Comparing the potential effects to what Dr Emoto researched regarding structuring water with intent, it appears positive orgone also has this structuring effect. Visually you can see how orgone energy works with water by doing a simple ice test. Freeze a glass of tap water first as a control and then a second glass frozen accompanied with an orgone device creates shapes or a vortex pattern in the freezing liquid.


  • Can be used as a divination aid for clearer dowsing results

Experienced dowsers often state that their results are clearer and often more immediate when dowsing accompanied by an orgone device upon their person.


  • Manifestation aid

Clearer inner visualization, stronger intent and a deeper more grounded connection to ‘self’ comes from living with orgone devices. This gives you a greater ability to manifest your dreams and desires into this reality.


  • Keeps food fresh for longer

Many people have documented this effect.  From our own empirical observations it does appear that fresh food does keep for longer than if normal. Fruit sat on an orgone charging plate consistently can be eaten several days longer than expected.


  • Seems to make food and drink taste better

Believe me… It just does!!    😉


  • Somehow offers some protection from sunburn

This is somewhat anecdotal but various people including us at orgonesolutions have noticed that having spent longer in direct sun than intended (ie falling asleep whilst sunbathing!) the expectation of symptoms of sunburn just don’t seem to manifest when wearing an orgone energy device. Obviously research into this intriguing phenomenon is ongoing but here in the UK our chances are limited somewhat by our changeable weather patterns!



This list is ongoing as we; a collective who are compelled to work with orgone energy continue to experiment, observe and sense the changes both subtle and obvious that come into our reality internally and externally.



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