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We have a base mix of healing gemstones that we add to almost all of our creations.  Empirical observation and feeling the subtle differences to their effects showed they had a synergistic way of working together within the orgone matrix.

The aim with our gemstone mix is a Heart centred, Grounded awareness and strengthening of connection to self with a clear inner energy flow and excellent psychic protection.

Selenite is a high vibration crystal which is an excellent addition to Orgone generators. It brings clarity of mind and activates the 7th chakra which is our direct link to the spirit which allows us to have a better understanding of our connection with the universe and spirit. An added bonus is that it cleanses all other stones within the orgone generator too.

Blue Kyanite aligns and balances all of our chakras whilst clearing our energy meridians for a clear energy flow.  It also stimulates intuition and psychic development, helping subtle energies manifest in our minds eye and in our thoughts. It also has the ability to ground these higher energies from spirit.

Black Tourmaline is one of the best stones in its own right for EMF protection. It is incredibly grounding and offers excellent protection from negative energies and adding it to the orgone matrix increases that potential. Also being of a crystalline structure Black Tourmaline has a piezoelectric effect which is activated when put under pressure by the resin as it cures.

Rose Quartz is about unconditional love and the opening of the heart chakra. Feelings of compassion, peace and emotional healing are common with this stone which also exhibits a piezoelectric effect when activated by the ‘squeeze’ in the orgone matrix.

Amethyst corresponds with the third eye chakra working towards spiritual transformation and awakening. It is also another good stone for psychic protection.

Petalite is a lithium silicate with a high vibration. Aside from having similar attributes to stones listed above with regards to higher spirit energies it has a wonderful calming and relaxing feel that is immediately noticeable when added to the orgone matrix. Petalite provides an excellent contribution to the overall vibe.

The aim is to bring in the higher energies of intuitive creativity, love, understanding, forgiveness and healing for all of humanity but in a calm and relaxed state.

The answers we have been looking for to move us forward into a new paradigm are already there… we just needed an increased level of conscious awareness to see the way forward. That is our intent when adding these healing stones to the orgone matrix of any device.

“No problem can be changed with the same level of consciousness that created it” – Albert Einstein.

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