Mystical Mayan Orgone Pyramid

This stunningly detailed orgone pyramid is one of a kind, starting at the tip it consists of an SBB coiled Herkimer diamond double terminated Quartz point which floats above a 24k gold flake hexagonal pyramid tip. The gold tip contains crushed quartz, selenite, kyanite and black tourmaline.

Below sits a Mayan orgonite pyramid which consists of aluminium chips in layers of clear, pink, blue and purple tinted resin, this too contains the same high vibration and grounding mix of Selenite, blue kyanite, amethyst, black tourmaline, quartz point and also has a rose quartz chip in the top step. The mayan pyramid rests on a layer of fine aluminium flake, filled with crushed quartz, detailed with a grid of purple fluorite hearts and lapis square cabochons.

The final pale purple dense layer is packed with fine aluminium chips and contains crushed quartz, crushed rose quartz, petalite, selenite, blue kyanite, black tourmaline and four chunky terminated Quartz points.

The overall size of the pyramid is 110mm x 95mm tall.


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