Aragonite Sputnik layered Orgone Cone

An earthy Aragonite ‘sputnik’ orgone cone Aragonite is said to be an amazingly grounding stone that has the ability to transform geo-pathic stress and clear blocked ley lines…even at a distance! Using many earthy materials such as copper chips, flakes and powder and Gold leaf flake. Add to that a multitude of healing stones that vibrate in tune with the earth such as petrified wood, agate, malachite, emerald, peridot, tourmaline, lemurian jade (also good for ley-lines) & pietersite. I also added plenty of Quartz, DT quartz points, quartz chips, rose quartz chips and crushed quartz powder. The lower copper powder layer also has plenty of grounding Black Tourmaline too It’s literally packed full! Measurements are 75mm tall and 85mm across the base.

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