Orgone energy explained

What is Orgone?

Chi, Prana, Zero point, Source Field, Lifeforce energy… there are many terms out there from various sources that all describe a universal etheric energy that effects all living things, the issue it seems is co-relating all of these terms into one name that can be agreed on by both scientists and esoteric scholars.

In the late 1930’s & early 40’s an Austrian Psychoanalyst Dr Wilhelm Reich was studying and trying to quantify the effects of this etheric energy. He termed it Orgone energy due to his research coming from a more human perspective. It was studies in our own ‘vital’ energy that led him down the path of discovery after some time spent understanding human sexual function.

Orgone energy is sensitive to electromagnetic excitation, and it is irritated to an over-excited, unhealthy state by radioactive materials, x-ray generators, radars, microwave ovens, cellular towers, broadcast towers, cathode ray tubes (old TVs), fluorescent lamps and high voltage power lines. Reich called this phenomenon the oranur effect. The over-excited state can persist after the devices are removed. When the irritation is prolonged the orgone energy becomes stagnant and lifeless, deadly orgone energy (DOR). The air charged with DOR is stuffy and it is hard to get a good breath out of it.

Reich made what were essentially Orgone accumulation devices in the form of a box with outer layers of opposing organic (fibreglass) and non-organic (wire wool).he called this device an ‘Orac’. His experiments lead him to the fact that these opposing layers attracted both positive life benefiting orgone/etheric energy that he termed POR (positive orgone) and negative orgone which he termed DOR (deadly orgone). The POR accumulated within the box, with which he was able to successfully heal patients of various ailments including forms of cancer, simply by the patient sitting inside the box for a length of time. The alternating layers seemed to attract the POR and allow it inside the box whilst keeping any negative DOR from entering.


Reich’s Orgone accumulator (pic)

Reich began to make a name for himself  and attracted the attention of the FDA (federal drug agency) in America where he was conducting his work. Anyone who is ‘awake’ understands that the FDA is and was directed at the highest levels by the same powers that control and own the pharmaceutical companies…naturally ‘they’ didn’t want someone offering a ‘cure’ for ailments such as cancer as this would mean an end to their monopoly on so called health care, (and the millions of dollars in revenue annually)…something they actively do to this day whenever anyone presents something to the world that actually does cure us of illness rather than us be on pharmaceutical drugs for the remainder of our years.



Reich and his Cloudbuster (pic)